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Hii friends.Are you enjoying the winter season?Exciting games like making snowmen etc., but listen to one thing there are several drawbacks to your condo due to snow.To safeguard your condo from various defects conduct a home inspection with the help of Condo Inspector Toronto.

Home Inspections are conducted by using latest technology, tools, and instruments, including Thermal Imaging, spectroscopy, Moisture Meter, voltage detectors, Laser Thermometer, Boroscope, Hygrometer, Electrical Testers, among other tools.Our professional inspector will inspect all the major components of the condos both from the interior to exterior.

You can view the report from anywhere with the option of a PDF or web-based report, using a laptop, tablet or smartphone.The report contains color photos, resulting recommendations and also with color defects.The report contains some online article links which are useful for your reference.

Lab Report:

A detailed lab report is given to the customer on the next day of Mold Inspections.In addition to taking mold samples for laboratory analysis, we also do Indoor Air Quality Testing to check for the presence of mold spores in the air.Samples are analyzed for the presence of lead, mold or asbestos. The lab report explains the species of mold, the spore concentration, and any known health problems or allergic reactions that may be associated with the mold.Some people have allergies to pets such as dogs and cats, and some people have allergies or concerns about cockroaches, rats, mice and dust mites.

Water Quality Test:

Inspector usually uses a strips pack which contain reactants that change color to indicate the presence of various contaminants in your water. The First Alert WT1 Drinking water test.This test is done to check bacteria, lead, pesticides, nitrites/nitrates, chlorine, hardness, and pH.

You will have an inspection conducted by a qualified and certified inspector, who has an experience in finding out the defects.The clients can ask any questions relating to the inspection.Our inspector will give the right answers to all your questions.

For more details contact 647-704-7100 or send a mail to Contact@GoldenHomeInspections.ca. To know more visit our site www.goldenhomeinspections.ca Toronto Condo Inspector.